Desktructure Modular Desk Accessories by Héctor Serrano

Desktructure by Héctor Serrano

Héctor Serrano is an industrial designer with offices in London, UK and Valencia, Spain. His recent project Desktructure for the company Seletti is a collection of modular desk accessories.
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USS Alabama (BB-60) in Mobile

USS Alabama (BB-60) in Mobile

The USS Alabama (BB-60), a South Dakota-class battleship that served in WWII, measures 680 feet from stem to stern, half as long as the Empire State Building is tall, and 108 feet at the widest point. She was decommissioned in 1947, fully retired in 1962 and, in 1965, became a museum ship.
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Off the Wall in Baltimore

Shipwreck in a Storm by Willen van Diest

Shipwreck in a Storm by Willen van Diest

Off the Wall is a series of temporary installations in public spaces throughout Baltimore, initiated as an outreach effort by the Walters Art Museum. Reproductions of paintings from the museum’s permanent collection are on view through the end of 2013, including Shipwreck in a Storm by Willen van Diest at 200 East Pratt St.
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Pale as a Ghost Sign: I get to keep awesome company, getting quoted in this article alongside Tod from the American Sign Museum and Bill from The Writing on the Walls.

After Failed Court Battle, Crew Demolish Former Gamble House: like the worst April Fools’ joke ever, but this really happened on Monday.

The “Ghost Ship”: a crazy find, not far from downtown Cincinnati.

20 Unique and Fun Destination Wedding Favors: Surf & Sunshine likes our personalized seed bomb wedding favors!

Windows of New York: Jose Guizar illustrates NYC windows and the peeks into strangers’ lives that they contain.

A Newbie’s Travel Guide to Detroit: exactly what you think it is.

Inadequate Housing: photos of tiny Hong Kong apartments.

Mixed Media Landscapes by Mike Bernard

Salcombe by Mike Bernard

Salcombe by Mike Bernard

Born in Kent, Mike Bernard is now based in Devon, UK, where he creates landscapes that incorporate acrylic paint and mixed media collage elements. The resulting works focus primarily on landscapes of European cities and coastal villages, with “happy accidents” during the creative process providing surprising details and color combinations.
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