Manchester Cityscapes by Norman Long

Under Great Northern 1 by Norman Long

Under Great Northern 1 by Norman Long

Norman Long is an oil painter based in Lancashire, UK, whose work includes portraits, figurative paintings, still life, and plein air cityscapes of London and Manchester. Owing to my own musical preferences, let’s take a look at the last group.
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End of Line for Oakley Station: aww, hell no…

The EV Grieve Last-Minute Gift Guide: from “gentrify this” to “my parents met at Superdive,” EV Grieve has some East Village-centric gift ideas.

Wigilia: some history and a sample menu for a traditional Polish Christmas Eve dinner. Yum!

Shakedown Street: what if streets were closed to all vehicular traffic and instead opened up to seven other uses?

Detroit, Midwest Leaders Visit European Cities on Rebound: leaders from Detroit, Flint, Cleveland and other Midwest cities visit Leipzig and Manchester.

Minneapolis-St. Paul: White, Liberal and Cold: bon mots from The Urbanophile.

Hammels Wye: photographer Nathan Kensinger investigates a pocket of Queens.

Top 10 VisuaLingual Posts of 2009

gingerbread Farnsworth House

This is a fun little exercise; I wish I had thought to do this a year ago to have a point of comparison. In any case, here’s a countdown of the posts on this blog that received the highest number of hits in 2009, each clocking in at over 1000 hits.
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