End of Line for Oakley Station: aww, hell no…

The EV Grieve Last-Minute Gift Guide: from “gentrify this” to “my parents met at Superdive,” EV Grieve has some East Village-centric gift ideas.

Wigilia: some history and a sample menu for a traditional Polish Christmas Eve dinner. Yum!

Shakedown Street: what if streets were closed to all vehicular traffic and instead opened up to seven other uses?

Detroit, Midwest Leaders Visit European Cities on Rebound: leaders from Detroit, Flint, Cleveland and other Midwest cities visit Leipzig and Manchester.

Minneapolis-St. Paul: White, Liberal and Cold: bon mots from The Urbanophile.

Hammels Wye: photographer Nathan Kensinger investigates a pocket of Queens.

Top 10 VisuaLingual Posts of 2009

gingerbread Farnsworth House

This is a fun little exercise; I wish I had thought to do this a year ago to have a point of comparison. In any case, here’s a countdown of the posts on this blog that received the highest number of hits in 2009, each clocking in at over 1000 hits.
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