Top 10 VisuaLingual Posts of 2014

Lilly's State of Mind by Lilly Pulitzer

As this blog embarks on its seventh year, a lot has changed, from my own interests to yours in seeking out information here. Each year, I’ve documented the ten most popular posts of the year, and the 2014 batch contains its share of surprises.
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Typographic Murals by Boa Mistura in São Paulo

Typographic Murals by Boa Mistura in São Paulo

Madrid-based arts collective Boa Mistura recently completed this series of typographic murals in Vila Brâsilandia, a favela on the outskirts of São Paulo. The simple, boldly colored murals feature single words distorted by perspective anamorphosis. Each mural has a single vantage point that allows the word to be read. Here, Beleza [beauty].
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Cincinnati Enquirer Mistakes Downtown Marietta for Downtown Cincinnati!: umm…

Film Screening: Urbanized by Gary Hustwit: Monday night at the Contemporary Arts Center in downtown Cincinnati.

The King Street Lots in Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York: the history of a community garden in Brooklyn.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Heller House Hits the Market Today: only $2.5 million for a well-maintained 1897 beauty in Chicago.

Deciduous Lampposts by luzinterruptus: an amazing temporary public art installation in Madrid.

SOM Chicago Wins Competition to Design the Wujiang Greenland Tower: insanity featuring a 30-story tall operable window.

Brokelandia — Did You Eat It?: for fans of Portlandia, this definitely counts as meta humor, but it’s well done.

World City Illustrations by Fernando Volken Togni

World City Illustration by Fernando Volken Togni

Fernando Volken Togni is an illustrator based in Porto Alegre, Brazil, who recently completed a series of awesome illustrations for Oryx, the in-flight magazine of Qatar Airlines. Each image represents 24 hours in a city, including New York City, Melbourne, Phuket, and others.
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A Gathering by Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz

A Gathering by Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz

An altogether-too-brief trip back to NYC afforded me a few opportunities to see public art I hadn’t before, including this set of 174 bronze sculptures of birds. A Gathering by Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz is installed all over the Canal Street station’s railings in little groups. It made me do a double take.
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