Straight Off the Vine // Restoring Community Connections: a short documentary on the Cincinnati community group Spring in Our Steps.

Renewed Pleas to Clean Up Crosley Building: Criminal Charges Filed: an update on the abandoned building in Cincinnati’s Camp Washington neighborhood.

11 Things That DO Work in Ohio: from a transplant to Cincinnati, first came a list of things that don’t work and now some things that do work well here.

Dogwood Wedding Inspiration: the Wedding Chicks like our seed bombs as wedding favors.

The Fall of the Creative Class: a harsh critique of Richard Florida’s popular theory, with anecdotes from Portland, Madison and Minneapolis.

An Artist Reinvents Architectural Photography via iPhone: a profile of Lynette Jackson, who makes magic happen with her iPhone.

The 2,800 Hour Studio: the designer Elliott Earls worked with Cranbrook Architecture students on the design and construction of his summer studio on the shore of Lake Leelanau.


A Rare Library on Plum: lots of love from one downtown Cincinnati library [Mercantile Library] to another [Lloyd Library and Museum].

1937 Flood Collection: the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County examines a “the impact of the flood through photographs, scrapbooks, diary entries, and other documents” [it’s a wiki, so you can add your own].

A Brief History of the Lunkenheimer Valve Company: Clark Street Blog looks into the interesting history of a Cincinnati company.

Lake City Lake: the simplest map ever depicts Madison, WI.

Return to Atlanta: Zeus is rephotographing the same ATL sights he originally captured two decades ago.

Sign Language: more ghost sign love.

Envisat’s Breathtaking Photos of Earth from Space: just that; wow.