Then & Now: An Interactive Look at Downtown Cincinnati’s Past: coolness.

RR Interviews: Zan McQuade of the Cincinnati AnthologyPt. 1 and Pt. 2: an informative, two-part interview about this book, which includes a contribution by yours truly.

Rare Neon Signs on Display at the History Museum at the Castle: an awesome exhibit opened this week in Appleton, WI.

Malls Fill Vacant Stores with Server Rooms: creative reuse in places like Fort Wayne, IN and Jackson, MS.

Taylor Swift Explaining New York Vocabulary Is Beyond Cringeworthy: T-Swift was recently named the NYC Ambassador, and this is her latest foray into “realness.”

Rome’s Rebel Lake Is a Parable of the Contemporary Commons: a long read, but a great story of grassroots urbanism.

Shopfront Elegy: photos of ghost signs and storefronts, in London and beyond.



Art: Autocomplete: A Collaborative Coloring Book Exhibit: thanks for the shout-out, CityBeat!

10 Reasons to Visit Cincinnati: nice roundup of local highlights.

Is Cincinnati the Greenest City in America?: not yet, but improvements are definitely being made.

Springfield High STEM Students Develop Art, Math Skills at Session: very cool — a curriculum centered around the Westcott House by Frank Lloyd Wright.

And Now, Let’s Start Digging into the NYC Municipal Archives Online Gallery: EV Grieve checks out historic photos of the Lower East Side.

The Smuttiest Cities in America: Orlando comes in at #1, Jackson, MS at #100, and Cincinnati is #81.

A World Map of Heavy Metal Density: “heavy metal” as in music, and “density” as in “per capita.”