You’re Invited to our 24th Annual Harper Celebration: tomorrow in Cincinnati is a day devoted to all things Harper.

3CDC, Drop Inn Center Reach Deal to Move Homeless Shelter out of Over-the-Rhine: Over-the-Rhine, say goodbye to the Drop Inn Center.

3CDC Tenants Pay High Price for Digs in OTR: and also to retailer Joseph Williams Home.

The Drop Inn Center Re(moves) to the Butternut Bread Factory: A Half-Baked Idea: truth to power.

DIY Basics: iGNANT likes our 10 Seed Bombs with Slinger!

Ithaca Rated Best College Town in US: I’m biased and therefore not surprised.

A Fake Slum for Luxury Tourists Who Don’t Want to See Real Poverty: meanwhile in Bloemfontein, South Africa…



Regional Report: Cincinnati: checking out the local culinary scene in an issue of Good Food Magazine from 1986.

OTR Building to House Entrepeneurs, Squash Courts: I’m really glad that squash was explained in this article, because I totally thought that it involves ponies.

Home Gift Guide: a shout-out to our Edible Garden Seed Bomb Kit from Modestics, a blog about US-based design and manufacturing.

Gift-Giving Ideas: Consumables Are More Than Chocolates and Wine: some gift guide love for our regional wildflower seed bombs.

The Fight to Save Frank Lloyd Wright’s Phoenix Legacy: I only spent a few hours in Phoenix; it’s apparently a crazy place when it comes to [not] preserving its history.

Is It Art? On Venice Beach, Police Can Make the Call: on the iconic Los Angeles boardwalk, a new tactic to preserve neighborhood quirkiness.

Concrete Oases: not that Cornell University in scenic Ithaca, NY really needs more nature, but students have gotten pocket park-like grass, comfy chairs and potted plants in lounge areas.

Trains, Trestles & Traditions at the Krohn Conservatory

Trestles, Trains & Traditions, the annual holiday exhibit at the Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati, is on display now through 6 Jan 2013. Hundreds of poinsettias, cyclamen and evergreens form a backdrop for miniature trains and trolleys that travel past Cincinnati landmarks.
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15 Scenic Cities of the Rust Belt: hmm, this list includes Cincinnati and Ithaca, which I wouldn’t consider to be part of the Rust Belt, but kudos are always welcome.

Waiting on a Paycheck: examining Cleveland.

Jose Gaytan: Love Letter to Brooklyn: Nathan Kensinger on the amazing photography of Jose Gaytan.

Detroit’s Garden Theater to Be Redeveloped with $750K State Incentive: very cool news for Detroit’s Midtown neighborhood.

Turn a Plain Play Set into a Fire Station!: an awesome step-by-step DIY; I totally want this for myself.

Biked Any Good Maps Lately?: bicycle-based GPS drawing.

Common Driver Behaviors: in related news, drivers suck.


The City Flea: the Over-the-Rhine blog interviews one of the founders of The City Flea, which is coming to Cincinnati this summer.

What I Want Wednesday: more seed bomb love!

Michigan CEO: Soul-Crushing Sprawl Killing Business: wow, and a term that’s new to me — “quality of place.”

The Suburbanization of Mike Tyson: eye-opening exposé of Mike Tyson’s suburban bliss.

Gangs and Cupcakes: Violence and Sugar Go Together: gentrification in San Francisco.

Gemma’s Fake History: as Frank Sinatra once sang of NYC, “If you can fake it here…”

Ithaca City Guide: this latest Design*Sponge guide makes me miss the crazy hippie collegetown [check out also the Cincinnati guide, written by yours truly!].


Enjoy Your Weekend: from gangsters to comedians, and practically everyone in between, there’s tons of fun to be had this weekend in Cincinnati.

The New American Dream: Renting: “Home should be a place to build a household and a life, a respite from the heartless world, not a pot of gold.”

Home Is a Four Letter Word: the concept of home in art examined by the excellent SFMOMA blog.

What Should Brooklyn’s Currency Look Like?: the Ithaca Hours currency model is gaining traction in Brooklyn!

The Big Draw of a GPS Run: “they are neo-cartographers, jumbo-size doodlers and bipedal pencils, mapping their track lines across cities, roads and farms, and sharing them online.”

ReBurbia: A Suburban Design Competition: check out the results that rethink McMansions, big box stores, strip malls, parking lots and more.

This Is One Wall Shepard Fairey Wants to Keep Free of Self-Expression: pot, meet kettle.


Enjoy Your Weekend: starting this morning, downtown and way beyond, have a great weekend!

Reincarnated McMansion Project: turning one McMansion into two homes, applying best practice environmentally sustainable design principles.

Bodega Party in a Box: “Love your neighborhood corner store? Yeah, so do we. Show it off in all its splendor — including its fresh produce — by throwing a Bodega Tasting Party.”

Sign of the Times: Johnny’s Big Red Grill closes, and Cornellians all over mourn the demise of its amazing neon sign.

The NYC Reality Freak Show: “In NYC Prep, as in The Real Housewives of New York City, Manhattan is a kind of moral hell, corrupted by money and power and baubles and drinks.”

The Gutter Punks Have Arrived!: heh, the flip side of the above link.

“Bandslam” Shows Us the Effects of Gentrification on the Youth: picking up on both of those themes, Jersey teens sneak into a shuttered CB’s in upcoming film.


Enjoy Your Weekend: tonight’s a big night in Over-the-Rhine, but there’s tons going on all weekend.

Staking a Claim in OTR: kudos to Jessie Cundiff for everything she’s been doing over on Main St.

The Self-Service City: in Seattle and beyond, city life is becoming “shrunken, less personal and meaner on one level, more neighborly on another.”

Common Ground: The Seminar: interesting summer course at Cornell, co-taught by Lebbeus Woods; via Mockitecture. Go Big Red!

Parental Lifelines, Frayed to Breaking: according to the New York Times, there is trouble in Trustafariastan, a.k.a. Williamsburg.

Beyond Hipsters: Williamsburg’s Tough Economic Realities: New York Magazine’s weak rebuttal.

Where Did Your Favorite Sitcoms Take Place?: fascinating map and info — only one sitcom has ever been set in Staten Island, and two in the Bronx.