2011 Ohio’s Most Endangered Historic Sites: the Gamble House and the Greenhills Historic District are on the list.

Mural to Add Color and History to Downtown: ArtWorks is working on a mural in Hamilton.

Bringing Past, Present and Future Into Focus: looking at cities through smartphone apps.

Quack Quack: A Great Way to Get Attention: a cute art prank courtesy of the Museum of Design Atlanta.

Stuy Heads, Part Deux: LastoftheMohikanz reminisces about high school in NYC circa 1990.

Prince William and Catherine Tour Skid Row, Arts Center in Downtown L.A.: just that.

The World Map of Useless Stereotypes: yup.



Enjoy Your Weekend: oysters, fireworks, and many other things are going on this holiday weekend.

Two Historic Greenhills Townhomes Facing Demolition: fairly self-explanatory sad news.

Klaus Haus: Klaus Biesenbach, a curator at the MOMA, takes the concept of Minimalism to a whole new level in his LES apartment.

World’s Most Bizarre and Intriguing Bus Stops: yup, just that.

MTA Says No Plaque-o for Jacko at Subway Station He Made Famous: efforts to rename Hoyt-Schermerhorn in honor of Michael Jackson’s “Bad” video.

A Welcoming Enclave With Roots in a Snub: the town of Highland Beach, MD and its storied history.

Preserve: ghost sign love.