Metanoia: You Are Here, ArtPrize 2014: my friend and awesome Cincinnati artist Jenny Roesel Ustick is raising funds for an ambitious installation at Art Prize in Grand Rapids.

Spaceworks and Its Privatizing Space Grab of the Libraries: a convoluted exposé of some convoluted dealings in NYC, but traces of this situation can be found in other cities as well.

Chasing Neon: Documenting Our Historic Americana: a campaign to fund “a four month cross county expedition to artistically document vintage signs one photograph at a time.”

America’s Leading Design Cities: “New York and LA aren’t the only epicenters for graphic designers, architects, and fashion designers.” Nope, Cincinnati makes a decent showing.

Painting with the City’s Invasive Plants: fascinating artwork by Brooklyn-based Ellie Irons.

Brick Fetish: the entire history of LEGO for your virtual perusal.

Shot from the Gut: cool NYC street photography.



Lumenocity at Music Hall: this weekend in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati.

Longshot Mayoral Candidates Angry over Debate Schedule: “angry” is a gross understatement; more like “letting the expletives fly like never before.” Crazy drama!

Megabus Expands Cincinnati Service: I’m happier living in Cincinnati when leaving gets easier.

Art Displacing Art as Development Dislodges Division Avenue Arts Collective: in Grand Rapids, as elsewhere.

Adult Playground for Fitness Opens in Los Angeles Park: getting in shape is great, but “adult playground” is a ridiculous term.

The Key to Kanye West’s Music: Lamps: not just any lamps, but ones designed by the likes of architect Le Corbusier!

China Deploys Elite Gaggle of Geese Police: ending this week on a silly note…


Photos from Another Walk: CityKin continues to explore Cincinnati on foot.

iRhine: One Vision for Over-the-Rhine!: this OTR site is finally back up and running.

Bronx’s Birthplace of Hip-Hop Headed for Foreclosure Auction: can someone save the home of DJ Kool Herc’s 1970s hip hop parties?

The Journal of Urban Typography: “dedicated to the documentation and study of signs, word fragments, and typography created with utilitarian intent in urban environments.”

City Building Through Art: examining the impact of the ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, MI.

Luxury Apartments Named after Old Factories: checking out a trend in authentrification.

A More Perfect Union: fun with maps.