Villa de Reve Collection by Philippe Tournaire

Villa de Reve Collection by Philippe Tournaire

Merry Christmas; let’s check out some bling! I don’t personally care about jewelry, but this is crazy and apropos… French jeweler Philippe Tournaire has designed a collection of architectural rings in 18k gold and precious stones. You can even commission his studio to create a custom architectural ring.
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Financial Crisis Takes a Toll on Already-Squeezed Cities: from Duluth to Tempe, cities across the US are feeling the pain.

Stroller Central, Now With a Valet: meanwhile, in Park Slope, the local YMCA now offers valet parking for strollers! WTF?

In the City, Off the Grid: and then there’s modern-day homesteading on the East side of Detroit.

Nakheel Harbour & Tower by Woods Bagot: developer Nakheel strikes again in Dubai, this time with a vision for the world’s tallest concrete penis.

Uniting Around Food to Save an Ailing Town: the old and new residents of Hardwick, VT are banding together to grow their locavore movement.

Cincinnati Union Terminal at 75: happy 75th birthday, Union Terminal!

Raise the Rutherford!: speaking of birthdays, Queen City Survey is celebrating Rutherford B. Hayes’ birthday all month long; why wasn’t I invited to this insane-sounding birthday party?


Tour de Signage: Just for View sure gets around with his camera, capturing many of Cincinnati’s most unique signs.

Centsinnati: ahh, the voyeuristic pleasures of reading the blog of a newcomer to the Queen City. Welcome to ye old blogosphere, Sidd Finch!

A State That Never Was in Wyoming: agriculture and its malcontents in Absaroka.

Parti Wall, Hanging Green by YABG: this prototype generates awareness about underutilized sites and offers sustainable design solutions for improving public space and creating healthy neighborhoods in Boston.

Shape-Shifter: dynamic architecture by David Fisher, planned for Dubai and Moscow.

Urban Blight: Seattle’s Crapsman typology and the architect’s responsibility, via the thought-provoking BUILD blog.

Naked Cowboy Arrested in SF: San Francisco has no love for NYC’s most famous street performer.