10 Years of Oversharing: tonight at Rock Paper Scissors in Over-the-Rhine, the opening reception for an exhibit of photographs by Cincinnati’s favorite blogger, 5chw4r7z.

Announcing America‚Äôs 11 Most Endangered Historic Places for 2014: includes two Cincinnati icons — Music Hall and Union Terminal.

2 Crafters’ Experiences at the National Stationery Show: Kate Funk and yours truly share some trade show talk and tips.

Champion Paper: ruins in Hamilton, OH.

Botany’s New Boys: in Des Moines — “How are we growing squashes? Tenderly.”

Historic Pontiac Property Reborn as Tennis Club: this may be a bit odd, but bear with me — the head of the Architecture program at my alma mater has transformed an about-to-be-demolished water works facility into a world-class tennis club.

Dabls Walks Us through His Outdoor Detroit African Art Project: amazingness in Detroit.



Enjoy Your Weekend: whether you’re into the Halloween spirit or not, you’ll find something fun to do this weekend.

FLW in Oak Park: CityKin checks out some Frank Lloyd Wright homes in Oak Park, IL.

Westhope, Tulsa: another gem of a Frank Lloyd Wright house.

Cure for Urban Blight: Plant Lots of Sculpture: who’s up for a road trip to Des Moines to see some public art?

People in Glass Apartments: Steven Heller takes issue with glass-clad apartment buildings.

Retail Vision for a Church That Housed an Infamous Club: cupcakes for sale in the former Limelight? What is the world coming to?

We Love Woolwich: grassroots effort to stop the demolition of historic buildings in the town of Woolwich.