Fresh Fruit Bike Racks by VisuaLingual

Fresh Fruit Bike Racks by VisuaLingual

Some projects take a while, and we actually sketched out these bike rack concepts a few years ago, revised and finalized the designs last year, and they were recently fabricated and installed in front of two Kroger stores: the one in our neighborhood of Over-the-Rhine, and another location in East Price Hill.
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15 Gorgeous Photos of the Old Cincinnati Library: amazingness in the form of historic photos.

Cincinnati Timelapse: amazingness in the form of a video.

Walkin’ Around, Checkin’ Stuff Out: awesome illustrations of Minneapolis and St. Paul by the artist Wacso.

Daytonian in Manhattan: just an awesome blog that examines the history of various buildings.

5 Spectacular Bridge Houses: architectural eye candy.

Haunting Portrait of a Vanishing World: Photographer Captures Desperate Decline of 1970s Leeds as the Old Way of Life Slowly Died: just that.

32 Imaginative and Beautifully Designed Maps: “maps reinvented artistically.”


Movies Shot in Cincinnati: from Eight Men Out to Seabiscuit.

The True Cost of Commuting: You Could Buy a House Priced $15,900 More for Each Mile You Move Closer to Work: just that, suburbanites.

Floyd Bennett Airfield: incredible photos from a strange place in Brooklyn.

Frankenstein’s Castle in Dayton: it may or may not be haunted.

LEGO Architecture: Towering Ambition: a current exhibit at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps: amazing cartography and typography, all rolled into one beautiful, informative package [this archive includes only cities in Utah].

Rainbow House: just that, plus an amazing spiral staircase.


Cincinnati: a fascinating retelling of the city’s history.

Manifestation: 5chw4r7z unravels the mystery of a new storefront on Vine St. in Over-the-Rhine.

The Genius of Water: Cincinnati’s Tyler Davidson Fountain: one of Cincinnati’s most famous landmarks as depicted in art.

Art Project Puts Focus on Everyday Faces: a worldwide public art project by JR manifests itself in the Cincinnati area.

Etsy Love: VisuaLingual: thanks so Lavender & Twine Bride for the kind words about our seed bomb favors!

Activated Spaces: interesting program aims to give new life to vacant street-level commercial space in downtown Dayton.

Response to the New York Times: Cities Report Surge in Graffiti: just that, from the Subway Art Blog.


Limited-Edition Scarves, Luncheon to Benefit Riverfront Park: the Women’s Committee for Cincinnati Riverfront Park commissioned Denise Strasser to design a scarf whose proceeds will benefit the new Riverfront Park in downtown Cincinnati.

The City’s Their Canvas: much-deserved praise for ArtWorks and its prolific mural program.

Flash Mob Dance Party in OTR: a recent street happening in the neighborhood.

American Pickers We’re Not: for anyone who’s wondering what happened to Suder’s cool old sign, it ended up at the American Sign Museum.

I Love SoOh: a Dayton-based blog devoted to the many riches of Southern Ohio.

At the Birthplace of Modernism, A Rebirth; Cranbrook Art Museum to Reopen in November: wonderful news out of Bloomfield Hills.

The Big Lebowski’s Stoner Cottage Is for Sale: just that.

VisuaLingual at the Crafty Supermarket

City Critters: Rat print by VisuaLingual

We are so excited to participate in the Crafty Supermarket this Saturday at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center at 3711 Clifton Avenue [corner of McAlpin, next to Fairview German School]. The event is scheduled for 11am-6pm, and there will be 50 art, craft and design vendors, DJ and food vendors, many from Cincinnati, plus a few from Dayton, Columbus, Indianapolis, and Pittsburgh, among other places.
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Crafty Supermarket in Northside

Cincinnati tea towel by VisuaLingual

What are your plans for Sat 21 Nov, noon-6pm? I really hope they include checking out the Crafty Supermarket at the Northside Tavern. We’ll be there, along with 20 other artsy, crafty, designy makers, music by Projectmill, the Dojo Gelato cart, and a table set up for on-the-spot DIY projects. Here’s a sampling of what we’ll have for sale.
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You Know You’re from Cincinnati If…

downtown Cincinnati from the West Side

I recently stumbled onto a Facebook group called You Know You’re from Cincinnati If…. I didn’t join [it wouldn’t be right], but I’m copying the group’s fun quiz for all Cincinnati readers, both natives and transplants, along with my answers. I’ve answered the questions off the top of my head, so you can see what one person has learned in three years.
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