City View: Cincinnati Embraces Old and New: VL represents Over-the-Rhine in this article about Cincinnati style.

Found: The Jackson Hill Steps: discovering a long-hidden piece of OTR’s history.

Autocomplete Coloring Book: some love for the catalog I designed for an exhibit at Visionaries & Voices earlier this year.

“The Cleveland Architecture Coloring Book” Lets You Track And Color The City’s Great Buildings: speaking of coloring books…

Movie Theaters: a gorgeous photographic portfolio by Hiroshi Sugimoto, featuring images from NYC, LA, Canton, and Akron.

Cunard Building: a rare glimpse into an ornate NYC building.

Spooky Background Paintings from ‘Scooby-Doo’: just that.


Paint Building Next Project in OTR Transformation: the best part is that the Cincinnati Color Company sign is staying put.

Dear Downtown: waah, complaining about signs of urban vitality in downtown Cincinnati.

Cincinnati Fights Its Way Back into Hearts of Hip and Trendy: a Clevelander’s perspective on pretty much the same phenomenon.

Signs of Progress Light Up Museum’s New Home: an update on Cincinnati’s amazing American Sign Museum [grand reopening scheduled for 23 June].

Soviet Nuclear Submarine Base, Balaklava: Chris Glass checks out some crazy sights.

Miracle Mile, 1954 Style: a fascinating peek at 1954 San Francisco.

Letters from Neon: Scripts: amazing eye candy from New York Neon.


15 Scenic Cities of the Rust Belt: hmm, this list includes Cincinnati and Ithaca, which I wouldn’t consider to be part of the Rust Belt, but kudos are always welcome.

Waiting on a Paycheck: examining Cleveland.

Jose Gaytan: Love Letter to Brooklyn: Nathan Kensinger on the amazing photography of Jose Gaytan.

Detroit’s Garden Theater to Be Redeveloped with $750K State Incentive: very cool news for Detroit’s Midtown neighborhood.

Turn a Plain Play Set into a Fire Station!: an awesome step-by-step DIY; I totally want this for myself.

Biked Any Good Maps Lately?: bicycle-based GPS drawing.

Common Driver Behaviors: in related news, drivers suck.


Over the Rhine Transformation: Not Over Yet: Already Startling Rehabilitation about to Accelerate: something about a “steady takeover.”

A Song for Cincinnati: two competing visions for what could become Cincinnati’s anthem.

Handmade Gardening on Etsy: Apartment Therapy likes our seed bombs.

“James Drain” Hits Cleveland: some thoughts on solving Cleveland’s problems.

2012 Awards: URBAN ANIMAL: “Animal Architecture wants your ideas about how synanthropic design can reshape, expand and redefine the context of urban thought and space… Projects should focus on solving, addressing or proposing urban issues and must actively incorporate at least one, if not more non-human design partners.”

What Remains of Vintage City Store Signs: ghost signs hidden underneath layers of newer signage in NYC.

Are Some Buildings Too Ugly to Survive?: just that.

Landscape Paintings by Andy Curlowe

Razed Dream House by Andy Curlowe

Razed Dream House by Andy Curlowe

Andy Curlowe hails from Schenectady, NY and now lives in Cleveland, where he creates layered, abstracted landscapes using mostly paint, pencil and collage. In his words, the work is a “reflection of the ever-changing relationship between the natural world and the world of human influence.”
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Postcard from Charleston, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland: Rocco Landesman of the National Endowment for the Arts travels to cities whose names start with C.

ArchiNATI Festival Hopes to Bring New Spark to Cincinnati’s Architecture Scene: just that.

What Beats Saving a Sign? Saving the Storefront It Occupied Too!: if, like me, you were wondering what happened to the Roh’s sign after the store closed, here’s some interesting news.

SpringBoard: ArtPlace shares news about this Cincinnati program.

Zooming In and Out of New York: amazing photographic series by Alfonso Zubiaga.

A Day at the Races: memories of Coney Island, written by Shaun Costello.

Woodward’s Iconic Vinsetta Garage Being Turned into Restaurant by AutoWeek Publisher: news out of Detroit.