Buffalo Prints by Hero Design Studio

Buffalo Prints by Hero Design Studio

Buffalo-based Hero Design Studio creates and screenprints tons of show posters, but I’m rather partial to the prints, greeting cards and fashion that celebrate the city of Buffalo.
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No Sleep ’till Hamtramck

No Sleep 'till Hamtramck

Every time I go to Detroit, I make my customary stop in Hamtramck, the small city within Detroit that’s historically been a Polish and Polish-American community [it’s now increasingly a mixture of Yemeni, Albanian, Bangladeshi, and Polish]. I always do the same things — pick up some Krówki at the Polish Art Center and pierogi and kabanosy at Srodek’s, and usually also some things in jars, like żurek and gooseberry jam. Then, a meal has to be eaten at Under the Eagle. It’s my food pilgrimage, you could say.
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Detroit People Mover: “D” for Detroit by Joyce Kozloff

"D" for Detroit by Joyce Kozloff

As promised, here is one of the awesome public art projects in the Detroit People Mover Financial District station. “D” for Detroit by Joyce Kozloff is a large-scale tile mural inspired by motifs in the Fisher Building, the Guardian Building and Diego Rivera Court in the Detroit Institute of Arts.
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Visionaries & Voices: one of my favorite Cincinnati arts organizations now has a blog for its artists!

25 Great Etsy Finds: Garden Design likes our seed bombs.

Lost Bohemia: interview with photographer Josef Astor, a one-time resident of Carnegie Hall, about his documentary chronicling the lives of the artists/tenants and their struggle with eviction. Includes plenty of gratuitous Ohio haterade.

CTA Station Is the Apple of Computer Giant’s Eye: in Chicago, an El station has been rehabbed by Apple, and outfitted only with advertising for the company.

Catalog Living: a look into the exciting lives of the people who live in your catalogs.

Transforming Abandoned Homes into Art: artist Dennis Maher takes ownership of abandoned homes in his native city of Buffalo and turns their components into sculptures, currently on view at the Burchfield Penney Art Center.

Brooklyn Bridge: interactive panorama of the Brooklyn Bridge, plus plenty more from Arounder.


Art on Our Walls: Cincinnati Re-adventure show off their Over-the-Rhine Anagram print, newly acquired from our studio.

The Plot Unthickens: if all movies shot or set in NYC had to show the shiny side of the Big Apple, the world might have ended up with The Returning of Pelham 1-2-3 With New Brake Shoes and All the Graffiti Cleaned Off and The Godfather Part IV: Turns Out There’s No Such Thing as the Mafia – Whew!

Kubideh Kitchen: Pittsburgh-based Conflict Kitchen is a take-out restaurant that only serves cuisine from countries with which the United States is in conflict, starting with its first iteration, an Iranian restaurant called Kubideh Kitchen.

Putting Parking in Its Proper Place: The Urbanophile provides an interesting analysis of parking in downtown Buffalo.

Making Policy Public: Vendor Power!: artist Candy Chang, the Center for Urban Pedagogy and the Street Vendor Project attempt to demystify the regulations of street vending in New York City.

Assisted Suicide Billboard Lands in San Francisco: “My Life, My Death, My Choice.”

Celebrating the Short, Sweet Ride of Freedomland: celebrating the 50-year anniversary of a long-since-gone USA-themed amusement park in the Bronx.