Four Months in the Tumultuous Short Life of the Shepard Fairey Mural: it was the best of times and it was the worst of times for a short-lived muraltisement at Houston and Bower in NYC. EV Grieve managed to capture all the subtle iterations.

Owl’s Head Light: a visit to a lighthouse in Maine.

Andy Levin’s Coney Island:b/w photographs from the 1970s.

America’s Ten Dead Cities: From Detroit To New Orleans: not earth-shattering reporting, but an interesting analysis.

Rooftops: Cincinnati blogger ZFein checks out the view from various rooftops in NYC.

Guangzhou Opera House / Zaha Hadid: some serious architecture porn.

Road Trip Across Michigan: seeking out Modernism in Michigan, from Detroit to Bloomfield Hills to Zeeland.

Fuck Cranbrook

In the final rap battle in 8 Mile, Jimmy Smith, played by Eminem in a loosely autobiographical role, calls out Papa Doc for having attended “Cranbrook, that’s a private school.” Oh, the horror! Em, you should know that even the poshest private schools offer need-based financial aid.
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Findlay Poster by Scott Santoro

Graphic designer Scott Santoro finds beauty and inspiration in the mundane — the detritus of blue-collar work, tools, and circumstances. He is now a highly-regarded NYC-based designer, educator, and author but, as a graduate student at Cranbrook, he gained some early notoriety for this poster promoting the Valentine’s Day Lounge — Lounge being a kind of weekly on-campus speakeasy. Happy Valentine’s Day, and Find Lay, everybody!


Get Fired Up at Funke Fired Arts!: my feature on one of the most unique creative facilities in Cincinnati.

Suburban Tipi: this project by Cranbrook student John Paananen takes “the fused nomadic home designs of the yurt, tipi, and igloo” and slips “the straitjacket of suburban values, materials, and methods of construction over them.”

Nastiest Retailer in New York Barks at Customers and Eats Workers’ Food : Ha! I always thought that The Sock Man was having a sordid affair with his street-vending neighbor, the crystal lady.

I’ll Meet you at Valencia and Falcon: an 1861 map of San Francisco shows the planned street grid extension and proposed street names that didn’t make the cut.

Pittsburgh Travel Poster: JHill Design is currently discounting its Pittsburgh Travel poster in celebration of the Steelers’ Superbowl victory.

Brooklyn Redrawn: “Sarah Bostwick, Rebecca Layton, and Karla Wozniak all draw upon Brooklyn’s past and present urban structures to convey the visual complexity of competing commercial, architectural, and real estate interests in the borough in which they work and live.”

Dude Has Red Hook’s Demolished Revere Dome Tattooed on His Shoulder: speaking of drawing Brooklyn, there’s this…