Turning 14 in Cincinnati: ‘I Worry about Surviving’: a harrowing read.

Why Other Cities Matter: an essay by Zan McQuade, editor of the just-published Cincinnati Anthology.

Historic OTR building: Demolish or rehab?: an update on the plight of the old David Furniture Building in Over-the-Rhine.

Neither Created nor Destroyed: an excellent essay about Cincinnati and its suburbs by local artist and Anderson dweller Jenny Roesel Ustick.

Gifts for Gardeners: a big thanks to greetabl for including our regional wildflower seed bombs in this great gift guide!

San Francisco – and Sean Penn – Show a City’s Heritage Bars Are Worth Saving: a quasi-landmarking program for iconic businesses.

Metal Spikes Installed Outside Luxury Apartments in Apparent Effort to Keep Homeless Away: in London, treating the homeless like pigeons.



Enjoy Your Weekend: Dan and I dare you to spend all of Sunday out and about in downtown Cincinnati.

The Cardinal House: Becky finds a Charley Harper mural on the side of a house in Anderson, of all places.

Gibraltar Airport: wow, check out the intersection of runway and freeway.

The Spaceship Down the Street: it came from outer space to Guilford, CT, courtesy of architect Wilfred J. O. Armster.

Coney Island’s Globe Tower That Never Was: oh, mah word!

The Music of Geography: Ohio Is a Piano: this is just crazy, but amazing.

Maps: a bizarre roundup.


A Moving Tale: The Power Of Conversation: everyone, say hello to soon-to-be Cincinnati transplants George and his wife.

Cincinnati Heritage Tours: the Cincinnati Museum Center’s Heritage Programs offer a series of awesome tours of various area sites.

Take a Ride on the Anderson Ferry: in words and pictures.

Vilsack Establishes the People’s Garden Project on Bicentennial of Lincoln’s Birth: this awesome news is six weeks old, but still worthy of mention.

Taking a Dream Underground: desperate economic times call for the return of the busker.

Putting Vacant Houses To Use: funny, but not really, tips courtesy of The Onion.

Street Art and the Recession: does street art thrive during an economic meltdown?