Sagmeister & Walsh: Beauty

This is what we’ve been reading.


Designers Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh occupy rockstar status in the design world. There work is smart and sharp with the right amount of edge and provocation  and, well, beauty. Their new book confronts the role of beauty from historical traditions to contemporary design practice, tracing the philosophical evolution and cultural transitions along the way.

Packed with short contemplative thoughts on beauty the book is as an object is part of it own thesis. The metallic page edges shimmer when the book is closed, but reveal the books mantra, “Beauty is Function”, when you thumb through the pages. Flip the pages the other way and the second half of the thesis is revealed.


This is one of those books you can savor for a long time. Taking it in slowly and purposefully. The content matches the object which in turn makes reading it feel like an act of beauty as well. Maybe that is a lofty concept, but I’m going with it. Reading in a warm chair during the winter takes on a special meaning after  a day out in the cold mountain air.


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