Community Engagement Kiosk

IMG_8218One of the more enjoyable projects we did last year was this kiosk for the Roaring Fork Branch USGBC’s Climate Action Summit. The event brought together representatives from a variety of communities in the valley to discuss their individual climate action plans.

As a bit of an icebreaker we created an interactive display that showed the region and highlighted the communities participating in the event and some targets that their plans hope to reach. This side of the display also showcase the supporters of the event and gave individuals not represented an opportunity to share their information.

IMG_8213The favorite of the night was this string questionnaire, where folks could string together their individual relationship to climate action. This playful exercise really gave people a chance to start interacting with one another and meet some new people.

Community engagement kiosk for USGBCThe third side of the kiosk measured the collective action of the group by allowing people to place dots on the actions that they take on a regular basis.

DSC_0414What a cool way to combine the things we love! The planning, design, and construction of this simple engagement tool could be applied to so many situations and we had a blast designing and screen printing and building it.

IMG_8221We can’t wait to do more.

The display provided insights into the community and their values. Some general findings we were excited about included the following:

The dot exercise revealed the top strategies participants employ for climate action

  1. recycle (25)

  2. buy second hand (18)

  3. take public transit and compost (tied at 17)

The dot exercise also surfaced these are opportunities for participants to employ for positive climate action in the future

  1. contact government reps (10)

  2. eat vegetarian (9)

  3. grow food (5)

Some takeaways from the data strings

  1. Participants indicated Aspen as a significant employment hub in the valley.

  2. Many participants live in Aspen.

  3. Participants evenly divided among different work sectors – public, private, nonprofit, and self-employed folks.

  4. Most participants believe climate action is most effective at either the regional or local levels.

  5. And, the favored recreation activity that is impacted by climate change is skiing, snowshoeing (and snowboarding).


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