Custom Seed Bomb Favors


Whether you are looking for a private label to carry in your store or gift shop or a one time promotional item for an event, our custom seed bombs are a great option. We’ve created customized promotional and private label seed bombs for a selection of well known brands and retailers.

To have worked with such great companies and organizations as Burt’s Bees, CSX, High Line, Stone Barn Center, Wonderful, Buffalo Bayou Partnership, Tryon Farm, Magnolia Market and World Hunger Relief is not only inspiring, but also downright humbling. This is something that we are pretty proud of. It is pretty special when organizations that you admire reach out and want to work with you.

We love the developing new custom designs as well as working with designers to create graphics that challenge our printing skills. Whether it is a finely detailed graphic, or a two color print, or screen printing capabilities set us apart.


In addition to custom screen printed packaging we’re also well equipped to develop custom seed blends tailored for specific locations and regions. When we can combine design, printing and habitat restoration we are happy folks. The projects with Tryon Farm Institute and the High Line are great examples of projects that not only offer a great gift item at a reasonable price point, but that are educational and advocate for an environmental awareness that is key among those who support these organizations.

Our seed bombs have always represented a great small affordable gift for any occasion that doesn’t go into the landfill, but instead helps to restore habitat for critical landscapes and critters. Now you can have your own designed just the way you want it.

Contact us to learn more about the process.


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