a new face

anne and michaelFrom the beginning, VisuaLingual has resisted the tendency to limit its creative outcomes, and true to that inception, it continues to evolve. What started as a loose design practice somehow pivoted into an explosive seed bomb business almost 8 years ago. Both aspects of the business continue to be important, but as with all things and people, the evolutions continue.

This year has more great change in store for VisuaLingual. One change is there will be some new folks hanging around helping out. For starters, she may be new to you, but I’ve been following her around for as long as I can remember.

My sister Anne probably had more influence on me than everyone combined in my first 15 years of existence. She taught me what it meant to be cool, even though she wasn’t. She tried to keep me out of trouble, even though she didn’t. And she inspired me (still does) when she followed her heart to San Francisco.

And now, we’re finally going to try and learn how to play well together. This year she’ll be sharing her voice as VisuaLingual continues to evolve. I’m looking forward to seeing the fruits of her culinary endeavors, her quick wit and constant wisdom. You’ll undoubtedly learn more about her here but should also check out her other labor of love wit wisdom & food.



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About michael

Michael grew up as a suburban hooligan bugging his older sister and spending his time in train yards, alleyways and rooftops while studying graphic design at Herron School of Art and Design. Later he wandered aimlessly, working in print and copy shops. Interest in art and public space led him to earn a Masters in Urban Planning at the University of Cincinnati, where he learned to crunch numbers, make maps, and appreciate the city for its chaos. Michael's focus on urban design and economic development led to his years of work in the public art field as an arts administrator. At VisuaLingual, he is Chief Exploring Officer, constantly looking for new adventures and ways to connect his love of the outdoors and urban spaces.

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