Trivergence by Carl Leck

Trivergence by Carl Leck

Trivergence by Carl Leck is a series of overpass murals in Indianapolis, located on East 10th St. under I-65. Measuring approximately 1,000 linear feet, it was painted by a group of volunteers as part of the 46 for XLVI mural initiative [public art created in preparation for Indy hosting the Super Bowl].

The abstract murals are only four years old but already exhibit a fair amount of weathering due to their challenging location:

Trivergence by Carl Leck

Trivergence by Carl Leck

The title of the work represents the three urban trails that meet here — the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, the Monon Trail and Pogue’s Run. The odd planes of the site are well-suited for bold abstraction:

Trivergence by Carl Leck

Trivergence by Carl Leck

Drivers don’t notice the small imperfections but, as a pedestrian, I can scrutinize the details perhaps more closely than intended:

Trivergence by Carl Leck

After eight years of living in Cincinnati, I’d grown accustomed to the high-visibility work of ArtWorks. Public art in Indianapolis is different in that there are many smaller-scale works, as well as pieces tucked into underused spaces such as this. Over the coming months, I’ll continue to share my Indy finds as I discover them.

Trivergence by Carl Leck

You can see more of the artist’s work here, and learn a bit more about the mural here.


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