Noted without Comment

Fountain Square Flip

A recent real estate listing for a flipped house in the tragically hip Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis. I’m kidding — Fountain Square is genuinely cool, but the Williamsburg comparison does it no favors. Let’s get rid of this chip on the shoulder, shall we?


6 thoughts on “Noted without Comment

  1. This seems like a bunch of lazy shorthand. What do Fountain Square and Williamsburg have in common? I think this person is referring to hipsters and gentrification, although Fountain Square is full of independent businesses, while chains like J. Crew, Apple, Whole Foods, and Ralph Lauren are moving into Williamsburg, which means that it’s increasingly home to hedge funders and actors, not any “cool kids” other than some especially lucky Trustafarians. This seems a bit provincial to me, instead of just focusing on Fountain Square’s own strengths and charms.

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