Private Label Outdoor Supplies by VisuaLingual

private label FatDust by VisuaLingual

When San Francisco-based retailer The Urban Deer asked about adding private label fatwood and fatdust to its outdoor-focused assortment, we were thrilled to oblige! The shop’s clean aesthetic dovetails nicely with ours, and the packaging turned out great, if I say so myself.

This is the fatdust, packaged in a metal tin [same as our stock
, but a different label]:

private label FatDust by VisuaLingual

Fatdust is the byproduct of processing fatwood, a highly resinous pine that’s a great natural fire starter. Our fatwood comes from the woods of Alabama, and we chop it down by hand into small, useable pieces:


Our own fatwood is bundled in a raw-edged linen wrap but, for The Urban Deer, we packaged the same 1/2 lb. amount in an unbleached muslin pouch, individually screenprinted with the retailer’s own graphic:

private label Fatwood by VisuaLingual

Previously, we had the pleasure of developing private label fatwood bundles for New Riff Distilling in Newport, KY just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati. In that instance, we chose a grey wool for the wrap:

VisuaLingual Products for New Riff Distilling: Straight Pine Heart

As graphic designers, we love having the opportunity to develop private label packaging for retailers, as well as custom promotions and event favors. Please get in touch if you have a custom project that could use our expertise!


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