City Cellars by Tim Parsley

City Cellars by Tim Parsley

Located at 908 Race St. in downtown Cincinnati, this was ArtWorks‘ first landscape mural, painted by Tim Parsley and a team of teen apprentices and depicting scenic wine country on the side of what used to be a fantastic wine shop.

The mural overlooks a surface parking lot, and currently the shop is vacant. It’s inspired by the landscapes of Godfrey Frankenstein but, to me, there’s not much there there, if you know what I mean. The scene is bucolic but doesn’t have much of a point of focus.

City Cellars by Tim Parsley

See, it looks a bit like a backdrop for something else:

City Cellars by Tim Parsley

Tim Parsley has worked on several other Cincinnati-area ArtWorks murals, including Martha, the Last Passenger Pigeon by John A. Ruthven, The Golden Muse and The Face of the Arts.

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