Gardener’s Care Kit by VisuaLingual

Gardener's Care Kit by VisuaLingual

Our new Gardener’s Care Kit includes seed bombs and a bar of soap, wrapped up in a linen fingertip towel, perfect as a gift for the beloved gardener in your life!

The bar of handmade Tea Tree Peppermint soap with Shea butter cleans dirt from your hands and moisturizes them after gardening. The soap was handmade for us by the awesome ladies of Cincinnati-based Orange Fuzz.

Gardener's Care Kit by VisuaLingual

10 wildflower seed bombs that can be planted anywhere in the continental US and contain the following seeds: annual gaillardia, baby blue eyes, black-eyed Susan, calendula, dwarf cosmos, French marigold, lance-leaved coreopsis, plains coreopsis, perennial gaillardia, perennial lupine, purple coneflower, red poppy, and sweet alyssum.

Gardener's Care Kit by VisuaLingual

The kit is self-wrapped in a matching screenprinted fingertip towel. We think it makes for a great Mother’s Day gift, and Joseph Beth agrees — you’ll be able to find the Gardener’s Care Kit as part of their gift assortment soon!


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