Top 10 VisuaLingual Posts of 2014

Lilly's State of Mind by Lilly Pulitzer

As this blog embarks on its seventh year, a lot has changed, from my own interests to yours in seeking out information here. Each year, I’ve documented the ten most popular posts of the year, and the 2014 batch contains its share of surprises.

10. Above, I believe this print has been discontinued, but people keep searching for images of Lilly’s State of Mind Patch by Lilly Pulitzer.

9. Memories of Twenty-Third Street by Keith Godard is a public art installation in a subway station in NYC:

Memories of Twenty-Third Street by Keith Godard

8. I’m a big fan of this artist and, judging from the blog stats, many of you also appreciate Serigraphs by Mark Coomer:

serigraph by Mark Coomer

7. Subway Map Art by Lineposters continues to hold fascination as well:

Subway Map Art by Lineposters

6. With the 2014 Olympics, there was renewed interest in the Sochi XXII Olympic Winter Games Identity:

Sochi XXII Olympic Winter Games Identity

5. The lovely series of Map Illustrations by Anne Smith continues to be a popular search item:

map illustration by Anne Smith

4. I’m kind of proud that the top four posts focus on my own writing rather than on the work of someone I admire. L’Amour, Rock Capital of Brooklyn is about my Brooklyn adolescence circa 1990:

L'Amour, Rock Capital of Brooklyn

3. My version of A Perfect Weekend in Cincinnati went viral; it seems that a lot of people are wondering about visiting this place. Do, and I hope my suggestions provide a good starting point for your own exploration:

Roebling Bridge

2. Five years ago, I answered the quiz You Know You’re from Cincinnati If…, and everyone mocked my ignorance. That was well-deserved, I have to admit:

downtown Cincinnati from the West Side

1. But 2014’s most popular post by far, with more hits than these other posts combined, was Ugliest Building in the World? This was another post about my adolescence, this time rooted in the high school I attended. Many readers disagreed with my observations about the social climate and my opinions on architecture. A lively, sometimes contentious debate ensued:

South Shore High School in Brooklyn, NY

The 2014 results are pretty different from 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013. It’s always interesting to see how interest shifts each year, from a celebrity tattoo a few years ago to my lowly Brooklyn high school more recently. Keep being weird, Internet!


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