Still Life #60 by Tom Wesselmann

Still Life #60 by Tom Wesselmann

This new ArtWorks mural is located at 811 Main St. in downtown Cincinnati. Entitled Still Life #60, it’s a design by Tom Wesselmann, painted by a group of teen apprentices under the guidance of local artist Joe Hedges.

Still Life #60 by Tom Wesselmann

Still Life #60 by Tom Wesselmann

This mural is based on Wesselmann’s large-scale photorealistic painting of the same name, which consists of 6 shaped canvas panels. Whereas the artist’s challenge was to create a dimensional still life on multiple, overlapping flat surfaces, the mural flattens that dimensionality onto a single brick wall. It’s a bit weird. Here’s an installation view of the actual Still Life #60 [found here]:

Still Life #60 by Tom Wesselmann

In this installation photo, the white gallery wall is the expected backdrop. In the mural, the brick has been painted a jarring white and becomes the surprising focal point, instead of a background. I wish that the wall had been left alone, or painted a brick red.

The original artwork is currently on view at the Cincinnati Art Museum as part of Beyond Pop Art: A Tom Wesselmann Retrospective.

Wesselmann was born in Cincinnati and attended both the University of Cincinnati and the Art Academy before moving to NYC. This mural is the latest in the Cincinnati Masters series, which includes Martha, the Last Passenger Pigeon by John A. Ruthven and Homecoming [Bluebirds] by Charley Harper.


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