VisuaLingual Handmade Gifts at Terrain

VisuaLingual Blooming Coal Seed Bombs at Terrain

We’re so excited that a few of our handmade products are available at Terrain this holiday season! Above, Blooming Coal Seed Bombs are perfect for the stocking of anyone who’s been naughty or nice this year.

Edible Flower Seed Bombs can be grown indoors right now or outside once all danger of frost has passed:

VisuaLingual Edible Flower Seed Bombs at Terrain

Ol Pine Heart Warmer is a bundle of premium natural fire starter, sustainably harvested for us in Alabama:

VisuaLingual Ol Pine Heart Warmer at Terrain

FatDust is the byproduct of processing fatwood — it’s essentially the same stuff in powder form, packaged in a portable tin that’s perfect for backpacking:

VisuaLingual FatDust at Terrain

You can shop for these goods online, or in person at the Glen Mills, PA and Westport, CT Terrain locations.

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