20% Off in VisuaLingual Online Shop

Flourishing Pillows by VisuaLingual

How is it already December? To thank you for reading our studio blog and supporting our small business, we’re offering 20% off your purchase of $20 or more, now through the end of 2014 in our online shop, when you use discount code THANKYOU2014.

Over the past few years, we’ve been designing and producing handmade goods for the home, garden and outdoors, and here are just a few examples. Above, the Flourishing pillow cover is inspired by architectural ornament found in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, where we live and work. Below, the lavender sachet set is a must-have to protect your woolens from moths and keep your clothes smelling great:

Lavender and Cedar Sachet Sets by VisuaLingual

Our Cincinnati Building Footprint is a large 3-color serigraph that shows all the building outlines from the riverfront to the University of Cincinnati. Regularly $85, now only $68 with discount code THANKYOU2014:

Cincinnati Building Footprint by VisuaLingual

The Trout Bum t-shirt is great for anyone who enjoys fishing as much as my other half does:

Fishing T-Shirts by VisuaLingual

A tin of FatDust for your favorite backpacker:

FatDust by VisuaLingual

A Camp Cloth:

Camp Cloth by VisuaLingual

10 Seed Bombs with Slinger:

10 Seed Bombs with Slinger by VisuaLingual

Dog & Cat Friendly and Herbs are just two of the indoor/outdoor seed bomb varieties we offer:

seed bombs by VisuaLingual

Everything we make takes time, from hand-rolling a seed bomb to pulling a screenprint. It’s always a thoughtful, meticulous process, and we enjoy that. In the same spirit, we know that our customers make thoughtful purchases, so we don’t offer one-day-only Black Friday deals or Cyber Monday promotions. Instead, whether you’re shopping for Christmas gifts or a handmade treat for yourself, today or three weeks from now, the deal in our online shop is the same — 20% off your purchase of $20 or more, now through the end of 2014 with discount code THANKYOU2014. Thanks for being part of our wild journey, and here’s to an even better 2015!


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