Camp Cloth by VisuaLingual

Camp Cloth by VisuaLingual

Over the past couple of years, the VisuaLingual product line-up has been expanding into the outdoor goods category, and our new Camp Cloth is made of lightweight Belgian linen, which is highly absorbent and water-shedding. It’s a great multi-purpose cloth for campers and backpackers.

The fabric looks like denim but is very soft against the skin. The typographic design is screenprinted by hand in lime green, and the edges of the 16×16-inch Camp Cloth are finished with a matching indigo serger stitch.

Camp Cloth by VisuaLingual

While hiking or camping, wipe the sweat off your brow, dry dishes or use as a washcloth on your next adventure.

Camp Cloth by VisuaLingual

A loop makes for easy hanging:

Camp Cloth by VisuaLingual

Check out the Camp Cloth and other handmade goods for the home, garden and outdoors in the VL online shop.

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