Greater Cincinnati’s 10 Most Anticipated Development Projects: just getting caught up on all the news, since I was out of town last week.

90-year-old Florida Man Faces 60 Days in Jail for Feeding the Homeless: WTF, Fort Lauderdale?

The Beauty of Fire Escapes and the Vanishing of Edward Hopper’s New York: “The place has been airbrushed for good, a playground for Indian and Chinese billionaires, Russian molls, Arab crooks, as well as American and European money managers, corporate lawyers and international jet setters.”

Slow Cab Coming: a new speed limit for NYC.

The Architecture of Change: Building a Better World: interesting new book about social engagement and architecture.

You Can Buy This Abandoned CT Town For Less Than A Brooklyn Apartment: the quaint town of Johnsonville has a starting bid of $800,000.

Maps Of Street Layouts Colored By Orientation: ooh, all those pretty colors…


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