VisuaLingual Photographs in the Typographic Universe

The Typographic Universe by Steven Heller and Gail Anderson

We’re honored that a few of our photos are included in The Typographic Universe: Letterforms Found in Nature, the Built World and Human Imagination by Steven Heller and Gail Anderson, published by Thames & Hudson.

These are our images that were selected for the book. Union Pacific, spotted on our stop in the town of Kelso on our way to Joshua Tree National Park:

Union Pacific ghost sign in Kelso, CA

Two Cincinnati ghost signs — Sam Caldwell & Co. Inc. downtown:

Sam Caldwell ghost sign in Cincinnati, OH

And Liberty Tire in Northside, which was demolished earlier this year:

Liberty Tire Ghost Sign in Cincinnati

Also included is one of our photos of oil lamp graffiti in Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave National Park:

Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky

The 352-page book includes over 300 examples of unusual letterforms, either created from non-traditional materials or found in unexpected places. The Typographic Universe is out now, just in time for holiday gift-giving.

2 thoughts on “VisuaLingual Photographs in the Typographic Universe

  1. I think once the streetcar is rolling the parking lot in front of the Caldwell sign will get developed. Its a good thing that ghost sign is probably the most photographed downtown.

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