Art After Dark: Drive-In Movie: tonight at the Cincinnati Art Museum, a free screening of Hilltop Stories, an excellent series of shorts about current and past Walnut Hills residents.

Who Needs Red Bike?: just some questions about Cincinnati’s new bike rental program.

If Cities Want to Succeed, They Need to Focus on What Makes Them Distinct: “Places just need to do a little anthropological work to unearth their distinctiveness, distill it down and then imbue that “mojo” into everything they do.”

Jen and Paul’s One Stop Shopping Souvenir City and Chelsea Bus Tours: if you’re a fan of contemporary art, please check this out.

WalkNYC: a system of freestanding signs showcasing maps and local information.

Half of the United States Lives in These Counties: only 146 counties, in fact.

Mapbox Studio: design your own maps.

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