Charley Harper Art Adorns New Books by the Banks Poster: a nice gesture honoring one of Cincinnati’s most beloved artists.

St. Mark Catholic Church: photos of a beautiful abandoned Cincinnati church.

Get That Life: How I Became an Urban Farmer and Artist: a great Detroit story, and likely the only time I share something from Cosmo.

One Incredible Entrepreneur Saved This Struggling Neighborhood By Replacing Everyone in It with Affluent Twentysomethings: sound familiar?

Photos: Recently Uncovered Harlem Wall Reveals 1960s Artifacts: spoiler alert: ghost signs and posters.

Life After Brooklyn: the latest in this ongoing narrative.

Mapping the Very Best Art Deco Sprinkled Around DC: just that.


3 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. That Shellwood story is insidious.
    I was trying to figure out how to raise property values in Cincinnati awhile ago because people aren’t going to put $100K into a house appraised at $100K.
    The same house in Pasadena, CA would go for $1M, however & dropping $100K would be fairly practical.
    So you wind up seeing the same houses in both places but the ones in Cincinnati are all run down…
    A grocery I go to has Cosmo in the magazine racks in the check out line but they use little boards to cover the covers. I like to liberate them.

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