Monroe Building by Holabird & Roche

Monroe Building by Holabird & Roche

Located at 104 South Michigan Ave. in the heart of downtown Chicago, the Romanesque Monroe Building was designed by Holabird & Roche and built in 1912.

The 16-story building was completely renovated a couple of years ago, which took 4 years longer than its construction [fun fact found here]. Where possible, the original vendors and contractors were employed to restore and renovate their own work, as was the case with Chicago-based Holabird & Roche and Cincinnati’s own Rookwood Pottery, whose gorgeous tile graces the lobby.

Monroe Building by Holabird & Roche

Monroe Building by Holabird & Roche

Rookwood referenced vintage photographs to recreate missing pieces of the floor, walls and ceiling in one of its largest commercial installations in the US. The replacement tile is variegated and crackled to mimic the original parts of the lobby.

Monroe Building by Holabird & Roche

You can get a more comprehensive look at the lobby by checking out this virtual tour.

Monroe Building by Holabird & Roche

Where else can you see examples of architectural installations of Rookwood Pottery? In Detroit, the company’s work graces the lobby of the Guardian Building:

The Guardian Building in Detroit

In NYC, Rookwood can be found inside Grand Central Terminal:

Grand Central Terminal by Reed & Stem and Warren & Wetmore

In downtown Cincinnati, check out the interior of Carew Tower:

Carew Tower in Downtown Cincinnati

The ice cream parlor at Cincinnati Union Terminal:

Cincinnati Union Terminal

And the fa├žade of the former Gidding-Jenny Department Store:

Gidding-Jenny Department Store Downtown

You can also tour the Rookwood HQ in Over-the-Rhine:

Rookwood Pottery

To learn more about Rookwood, check out this article by my friend Becky, which includes a bunch of my photos.


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