Roadmap Cincy: updated weekly, a handy map of road closures and lane restrictions in downtown Cincinnati, Over-the-Rhine and The Banks.

The Grand City Experiment: an upcoming citywide effort to make Cincinnati a more welcoming place.

Cops Are Now Ticketing Subway Riders for A Totally Legal Transfer: in NYC, the Broken Windows Policy seems to now extend to legal activities, too. What.

The 1929 Tammany Hall — No. 100 East 17th Street: the always fascinating and informative Daytonian in Manhattan take a close look at Tammany Hall.

‘Human Props’ Stay in Luxury Homes but Live Like Ghosts: Arrested Development‘s Sudden Valley development has come to life.

A Tiny Austrian Town Is Reinventing Bus Stops: focusing on mundane street furniture in the town of Krumbach.

Neon Signs Are Dying, but Our Appreciation Isn’t: just that.

3 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. cool bus stops
    They could use stuff like that out on Colerain. The benches people have to use out there in all kinds of weather are lame and even look kind of forlorn.
    Doubt if it’s any kind of priority for the township, tho.

  2. I think I have seen pictures of that subway terminus. If that’s the only way to see it, seems they should just charge a higher price for people to take the train there, pause it & let people look around.
    Is it accessible on foot?

    In the Clive Barker movie, Midnight Meat Train, at the end of one of the subway lines…

    There is an enclave of alien, supernatural man eating monsters who employ a network of infected humans to provide them with semi dressed human cadavers.

  3. Quimbob, those bus stops are so awesome! I love that a mundane point of departure/arrival can become a destination in its own right [that’s why I obsess over artwork in train stations as well].

    Speaking of, this MTA crackdown seems like utter bullshit. You used to have to get off the 6 train at the last stop [which is standard for every terminus] but, a few years ago, this was changed, so that you’re now legally allowed to loop around and see the “secret” station [the only other way is via the occasional Transit Museum tour for museum members only].

    It wouldn’t be practical to charge more for this [the fare collection system is just in/out and designed so you could ride trains all day for one fare], but what’s the harm in letting riders stay on anyway?

    BTW, some photos of the old City Hall station for your perusal.

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