Delay Presents Opportunity for 3CDC to Rethink 15th and Race Development: uhh, yeah…

‘Dump the Pump’ Commuting Experiment Races Bikes, Buses and Cars: interesting exercise, surprising results.

UES Resident Discovers Hidden Citi Bike Nest in Building’s Basement: apropos for any city considering a bike-share program.

Photographer Catalogs the Glowing Neon Signs Illuminating Store Fronts across New York City: beautiful photos of iconic businesses, about half of them already gone.

The Art of Recycling: Lincoln Street Art Park & Sculpture Garden: putting this on my Detroit bucket list.

How Cars Constrain Freedom: “We’ve reordered our entire society; our built environment; even our very way of life, to serve this machine that we were told would serve us.”

New York State of Mind: How American Sitcoms Depict US Cities: my introduction to Middle America came from sitcoms, too.


2 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Quimbob, there are definitely some interesting comments. Here’s another good one, “The automobile is not convenient so much as it is convenienced. Had the automobile been introduced after we had been designing the world around bicycles for a generation ot two, it might have remained little more than a niche, recreational product, like motorboats.”

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