Prairie Modules 1 & 2 by M12

Prairie Modules 1 & 2 by M12

Located on the Cultural Trail in Indianapolis, Prairie Modules 1 & 2 by M12 consists of two architectural sculptures, native grasses, solar panels, black reflective pavers and dynamic LED lighting.

The structures formally reference both the covered bridges of rural Indiana and the freeway overpasses of Indianapolis, and the grasses create a stripped down prairie on top of each structure. The solar panels return power to the electrical grid.

Prairie Modules 1 & 2 by M12

M12’s description of this project states that “the design concept for the Prairie Modules is based on the science of time travel.” Okay, noted.

Prairie Modules 1 & 2 by M12

This art installation is located on North St. between New Jersey and Alabama Sts., just north of downtown Indianapolis. It’s on the Cultural Trail, an 8-mile long pedestrian and bicycle trail that connects several neighborhoods as it winds its way through the city. Several public art pieces are installed along the trail, including Ann Dancing by Julian Opie on Massachusetts Ave.


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