The Migration of Tradition by Tina Westerkamp

The Migration of Tradition by Tina Westerkamp

The Migration of Tradition by Tina Westerkamp and a group of ArtWorks apprentices is located on the side of the Rookwood Pottery headquarters at 1920 Race St. in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati.

The color palette for the mural was inspired by the luminescent glazes that have made the company famous:

The Migration of Tradition by Tina Westerkamp

The main subject is a bird constructed out of tile forms representing historic and contemporary Rookwood product lines [hence the title of the mural]:

The Migration of Tradition by Tina Westerkamp

Cincinnati artist Tina Westerkamp is known for her use of color, which you can here as well as in another ArtWorks mural that features a large-scale bird, The Divine Proportion of All Things in Covington, KY.

The Migration of Tradition by Tina Westerkamp

It’s tough to capture a good photo of the entire mural because cars park in front of it. This is most of the mural:

The Migration of Tradition by Tina Westerkamp

Located right by Findlay Market, this building houses the Rookwood studio and showroom [there’s a store a few blocks south at 1209 Jackson St.]. I highly recommend taking a free guided tour if you can — it’s a great activity for visitors to Cincinnati as well. When I took the tour, I got to see these cats-in-progress:

Rookwood Pottery

I also got a behind-the-scenes look at the mold collection and all phases of construction:

Rookwood Pottery

Rookwood Pottery

The showroom contains a display of historic pieces, many products for sale as well as examples of installed tile, like the bit shown here with the famous RP mark tile in the middle:

Rookwood Pottery

You can check out Rookwood Pottery online, although nothing compares to seeing the work in person. Aside from vases and other highly collectible objects, the company is known for its architectural installations. In Cincinnati, I recommend checking out the interior of Carew Tower:

Carew Tower in Downtown Cincinnati

The fa├žade of the former Gidding-Jenny Department Store:

Gidding-Jenny Department Store Downtown

And the ice cream parlor inside Cincinnati Union Terminal:

Cincinnati Union Terminal

The company was responsible for high-profile commercial commissions across the US, including the lobby of the Guardian Building in Detroit:

The Guardian Building in Detroit

And Grand Central Terminal in NYC:

Grand Central Terminal by Reed & Stem and Warren & Wetmore

To learn more about Rookwood, check out this article by my friend Becky, which includes a bunch of my photos.


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