OTR’s Woodward Theater takes step forward: great news for this building and the area around it.

Here Are the 43,634 Properties in Detroit That Were on the Brink of Foreclosure This Year: a fascinating photo mosaic.

Why I Yelled at the Kara Walker Exhibit: on the Brooklyn riverfront, A Subtlety, now in its final days, is continuing to push buttons.

Stop Telling Women to Smile: a fantastic public art series by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh that addresses gender-based street harassment. See also, “Smile, girl, it ain’t that bad.”

Florida Makes Off-Grid Living Illegal – Mandates All Homes Must Be Connected to an Electricity Grid: crazy news.

Shot from the Gut: photos from the streets of New York.

An Abandoned Mall in Bangkok Has Been Overtaken by Fish: exactly what the headline says.

2 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. The OTR’s Woodward Theatre – an outstanding example of fine architecture and savvy construction. Q: What bank(s) in the Cincinnati area have been involved in the Woodward’s rescue and restoration?

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