Hello! Every Friday morning, I’ve published a 7-item long list of my favorites reads of the week, including timely articles, old essays, links to events in Cincinnati and elsewhere, etc. While this blog continues to gain followers, it seems that fewer people are clicking on these weekly links, so I’d like to put this question out there to all of you: is this worth continuing?

When I started this blog over 6 years ago, it seemed like a great outlet for my Cincinnati discoveries, a place that was then still fairly new to me, and a way to connect with neighbors. There was more discussion back then about changes in the neighborhood, day-to-day logistics, etc. A bunch of us had active blogs then, but many of them are dormant now. The idea of “online community” has shifted to other platforms and modes of connecting.

Over time, as our business started getting off the ground, I posted more about that, and about our travels as we were able to make time for those adventures. People seemed to comment less, so I focused more on sharing eye candy than trying to start conversations. This blog became a repository for our own news and our various forms of inspiration.

But, this weekly link round-up is perhaps a holdover from a few years ago, when there were more debates in the comments. In the mean time, it seems that readers have become viewers and, if these links are not of interest to those of you who regularly visit this blog, please let me know and tell me what you do enjoy about visiting this bit of virtual space. I’d appreciate your feedback!


14 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. I have been reading the blog for six years – I just went back through the archives to confirm that I remember the 2008 Elsewhere posts. I always read your summary of the link (via Feedly) and click on one about 50% of the time. I would say that my favorite parts of the blog are the Elsewhere posts and the Ghost Signs – which may just mean that I really like the blog.

  2. I like the elsewhere links. I tend to click more on the ones that are art/artist related for the eye-candy. As for the Cincy/OTR news links, I find that other FB pages and bloggers post some of the same. The links from other cities are sometimes interesting if relevant to me or if they stretch my view (e.g. I used to live near Baltimore; gentrification view points). I would miss the Friday elsewhere links if you decide to discontinue them. Thanks.

  3. I love your Friday links.
    Like you I have noticed less and less comments on my blog too, people will respond on twitter or facebook now. I’ve seen a couple news stories about the death of blogging. This new world has weeded out the people who didn’t really mean it I think.

  4. elsewhere is my favorite part of your blog! definitely my friday morning feedly highlight…

  5. Not sure if I’ve ever commented but I signed in to say that I appreciate these links. I usually find one or two things of interest weekly.

  6. Thank you, everyone, for chiming in! I’m glad that the weekly links serve a purpose. I think blog readers skew the stats, and that’s part of why I noticed a lack of engagement. Glad that’s not the case!

    It’s a bit odd to get traffic via Twitter or Facebook and to know that there must be a discussion going on, but I’m not part of it — a few years ago, it seems that we were all more likely to have discussions on the blogs themselves. Now, people “like” a post and share it elsewhere, and that’s the engagement.

    In any case, okay, the link round-up will be back on Friday!

  7. 5chw4r7z, I guess you’re right! That’s like saying, “You already have ADD; why not make it worse?” I’m just really not convinced that Twitter is the best platform for me personally or for VL.

    I’ve been leaning more toward Instagram lately because it focuses on 1 photo at a time, maybe with a brief caption, which is actually about as much as I typically feel like sharing. I still like being able to put a bunch of photos together into a blog post, although that usually happens weeks or sometimes months after I’ve experienced something.

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