Yeti: 5chw4r7z checks out the first solo exhibit by Cincinnati’s notorious street artist.

My Soapbox: Zan McQuade, the Cincinnati Anthology: the editor of the just-published Cincinnati Anthology discusses her relationship with the Queen City.

Kentile Coming Down?: this may be the end for Brooklyn’s majestic, iconic ghost sign.

The Great Brooklyn House Snooping of 1978: photographer Dinanda H. Nooney photographed Brooklyn homes and residents back in the 70s, with incredible results.

10 Up-and-Coming Neighborhoods around the USA: FYI, Over-the-Rhine did not make this list.

Secret Republic — Designing a Better Urban Ecosystem: a series of really clever urban interventions involving signs.

Katharina Roters’ Hungarian Cubes: slideshow of small-scale residential housing built after World War II, personalised over the years by the inhabitants.


One thought on “Elsewhere

  1. That Secret Republic post, I’ve always loved the unintentional art created by scrubbing graffiti. I was going to say something about how many colors of grey are there but then realized that joke writes itself. You’d think everyone would agree on what constitutes grey.

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