Trade Show Debut: VisuaLingual at Signature Mix

VisuaLingual at Signature Mix

We’re off to NYC! We’re thrilled and terrified to be participating in our first trade show this weekend, Signature Mix, which is actually three shows in one: Gift>It, Creative & Lifestyle Arts and the National Stationery Show. We’ll be in booth #1562, in a juried section for emerging designers called #fresh.

This is just one floor of the enormous Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, with our booth as a tiny red speck on this floorplan:

VisuaLingual at Signature Mix

For the past couple of months, we’ve been planning our booth display, figuring out all the logistics, developing new products, designing promotional materials, and all that other fun stuff. Here’s our initial booth mockup — like many VL endeavors, a lot got figured out right on our dining room table:

VisuaLingual at Signature Mix

We eventually got to this point — a full-scale mockup in our production studio. If all goes well, this is pretty much how our booth will look by Sunday morning:

VisuaLingual at Signature Mix

See more photos of our madness here.

For anyone planning to check out the show, we hope you see you there. Everyone else, please cross your fingers that we’ll survive the spectacle and live to tell you all about it!

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