The Monster of Kings Island: full disclosure: I’ve never been to this Cincinnati-area amusement park, though I have been on terrifying wooden roller coasters.

Eat Your Way through OTR: The 11 Best Meals in Over-the-Rhine: I’d add Tucker’s and the Alabama Fish Bar to this list.

Western & Southern Aiming to Alter Lytle Park Historic District Boundaries: changes seem to be afoot for the part of downtown Cincinnati that includes some of the city’s oldest buildings.

Garden State: an article about urban agriculture in Cincinnati, not a profile of New Jersey.

Gardening Goodies: a timely product round-up that includes our 10 Seed Bombs with Slinger.

New York Penn Station: Taming the Beast: Grand Central versus Penn Station past, present and future.

The New Must-Have for Luxury Buildings: Graffiti: just that, in NYC.

5 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Isn’t that just a list of the 11 restaurants on or near Vine St?
    People may be shocked to realize you can eat on Main St too.

  2. I had to put it out there because it’s ostensibly about the ‘hood but, as that, it’s hella lame. It’s as if it were written by someone at 3CDC.

  3. Maybe I need to be more obvious on my blog. Watch for next weeks post, a list of the most awesome restaurants at 12th & Vine.

  4. King’s Island is kinda…
    Basically, it was at Coney on the river and when black people got the right to enter the park, they picked up their toys & moved to the north so, the sterility kinda makes sense.
    I prefer the county fair/carnival stuff better. Tilt a Whirl is fine by me for a ride.
    I’ve only gone to KI for concerts. Think I saw The Go Go’s, Ramones, Blondie & Jefferson Airplane there.
    heh, a TV special with the Ramones at the park would have been pretty great.

  5. 5chw4r7z, I can’t wait!😉

    Quimbob, I like scrappy stuff like county fairs as well, not the “big” amusement parks. Growing up in NYC, there were kids who enjoyed Six Flags in NJ, which I think is similar to Kings Island, and I was in the other group, preferring Coney Island, right in BK. You have seen some great bands at Kings Island, though!

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