Rejoice: A Retrospective of Avtar Gill, the Cincinnati Hat Man: now at Thunder-Sky Gallery.

Cincy in NYC: next week, some of the best the Queen City has to offer is showing off in the Big Apple [read the back story here].

Cincinnati Union Terminal – Those Were the Days: on the history and development of Cincinnati Museum Center.

Kentucky for Kentucky: a company that makes goods celebrating the Commonwealth and its Unbridled Spirit.

The 20 Dirtiest Cities in America: a kinda interesting listicle.

NY 77: a documentary on NYC in 1977 — on the one hand, an almost bankrupt city, on the other, the birth of punk and hip hop.

Tim Shreier: some lovely NYC street photography.


5 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. How did Texas only merit one city in the ‘Dirtiest” rankings?
    I get L.A., I was up in the hills & looking down at the city & all I saw was a brown cloud…

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