Mayor Cranley Freezes Central Parkway Bikeway Project: let’s do the Time Warp again!

$1,000 Grant Up for Grabs in OTR: for neighborhood businesses pursuing innovative products or services.

Let Them Eat Hot Dogs: on the privatization of public spaces in NYC.

Maps Reveal a Starkly Segregated NYC: unsurprising news.

NYC 78-83: crazy old photos of the city.

Austin Is the New Brooklyn: ha, maybe you can mess with Texas.

Our Cubicles, Ourselves: How the Modern Office Shapes American Life: I’m so grateful to have escaped cubicle life for the moment.

4 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Yeah, our mayor seems a bit tough to deal with when it comes to things that had already been decided on, for which funding had already been secured. He had the same attitude toward the streetcar as he now has toward this protected bike lane.

  2. Why is that guy complaining about the carousel being rented out after it’s regular closing time? Heck, you can reserve shelters & buildings in parks in small towns in Ohio.
    I kinda get the culture snobbery complaint concerning food but how hard is it to get a hot dog in NYC?

  3. Quimbob, you’re right that this private event was after-hours, so the carousel wouldn’t have been available to ride anyway. I think the point was just that his daughter could see that people were using it, but she couldn’t.

    I know that parts of parks get rented out for private functions, but I think it starts to be an issue when it’s frequent and/or large-scale. In NYC, for instance, Bryant Park hosts tons of private events, with Fashion Week being probably the most prominent. In Cincinnati, Washington Park, or a large portion of it, closed for the beach volleyball thing and the Breeders’ MidPoint concert.

    I agree with the writer’s he food complaint: there’s nothing wrong with giving people options, including pricey ones, but “curating” the vendors is bullshit. Hot dog carts are not unsightly; they are iconic.

    The larger issue is one of privatizing public spaces, which includes park management [like the conservancy in charge of Washington Square Park in NYC], programming, event rental, etc. Some of that is literally exclusionary; some can just make people feel excluded.

    For instance, I avoid Washington Park if there’s an event, concert or any amplified music, which pretty means means that I get winter and weekday mornings. A lot of those events are free and open to the public but, if something isn’t for me, then the parks feels off-limits. It’s the same thing with Fountain Square — if the screen is playing a sports game or whatever, then I won’t sit down on the plaza.

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