To the People of Cincinnati: read an excerpt from this upcoming book, pre-order your copy, and mark your calendar for the gallery opening and the literary gathering.

Cincinnati Group Promises Big Bucks to Creative Entrepreneurs with Best Pitch: just that.

You Might Pack Up Everything and Move to Cincinnati After Watching This: you won’t, but it’s a cute little video.

Last of the Urban Horsemen: on the horse-and-carriage industry in NYC.

‘Cool’ London Is Dead, and the Rich Kids Are to Blame: “houses in Mayfair are now bitcoins for oligarchs.”

Completely Surreal Photos of America’s Abandoned Malls: absolutely bizarre places, abandoned or not.

Ghost Signs Aficionados Survey: if you like ghost signs as much as I do, become part of this research project that “explores how people in changing urban neighbourhoods seek to retain their connection to local places, including how they use online/mobile devices to do this.”


4 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. I think we should have MORE horses in the city streets.
    I am sure NYC has people checking on the stable owners. The animal rights people like PETA & HSUS are just insane. They’re kinda like a bureaucratic version of Ra’s al Ghul. I’m sure the developers have no problem utilizing them.
    John Lydon did a video tour of London & said a lot of the same things the Telegraph article did.

  2. Quimbob, I’m not on board with the horse-and-carriage stuff at all, but this seems like class warfare. I think the issue of animals rights is just a pretext by the developers.

    I remember that John Lydon video! To quote Portlandia, “It’s so over.”

  3. Well, I’m not exactly talking about the touristy horse drawn carriages so much as just using horses to get around.
    Like this guy…

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