Designs Worth Discovering: Rookwood Pottery Tile: my friend Becky wrote this amazing article about Rookwood Pottery, and I contributed photos of Carew Tower and Union Terminal in Cincinnati, Guardian Building in Detroit, and Grand Central Terminal in NYC.

Six Small Cities with Big Food Scenes: Cincinnati made the list.

David Grohl Alley: in Warren, OH, complete with the world’s largest drumstick.

Panoramic Views of Columbus, Indiana’s Modernist Landmarks: Cincinnati’s own Thomas R. Schiff tackles the iconic architecture of Columbus, IN in lovely photos.

M-1 Rail Groundbreaking Nears amid Hopes for a Broader Regional System: in the Motor City, work is starting to seriously add to its public transit system.

5 Pointz Supporters Drape Building In “Gentrification In Progress” Banner: 5Pointz, the recently whitewashed graffiti mecca in Queens, was the subject of a pretty awesome bit of street art this week.

The Innovation Ecosystem Built on Pittsburgh’s Steel Skeleton: tech in the new Steel City.


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