Local Artist Gives Smale Carousel Iconic Touch: this will be amazing, I’m sure.

Union Terminal: Construction: photos from 1933, when Cincinnati’s Art Deco gem of a train station was being built.

24 Reasons You Should Stop Underestimating Ohio: some of these totally make sense to me; some, not so much.

On Spike Lee & Hyper-Gentrification, the Monster That Ate New York: if you only read one of my suggested links this week, please make it this one.

Brooklyn Is Now Officially Over: The Ascendance of Brooklyn, the Lifestyle, Above All Else: the bizarre tale of a corporately-funded artists’ commune in Brooklyn, “dedicated to selling the borough’s image beyond its borders.”

The Innovation Ecosystem Built on Pittsburgh’s Steel Skeleton: this reminds me that I haven’t visited Pittsburgh in years; it’s long overdue.

The Class Of 2014: The New Mayors Who Are Building the Future of America’s Cities: just that.


4 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Spike Lee is a hypocrite, he polarizes debate with profanity, and he is intoxicated by both resentment and engendering resentment. He’s also spot on correctomundo about gentrification. Even for the nouveau gentry who move into poverty ravaged neighborhoods, the financial stakes are raised too high. I wonder how many unsold/unrented or owner abandoned units are sitting in Ft.Green right now.

  2. Spike Lee is definitely an incendiary figure, but his rant is supported by fact. The essay by Jeremiah Moss is excellent, and I kind of wish he hadn’t used Lee’s diatribe as a jumping-off point; his writing stands on its own and has its own form of anger that’s backed up by fact.

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