Final Friday at Pendleton Art Center: tonight is Final Friday in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati and this review from last month is a great peek into the goings-on at the Pendleton.

What Would Moving Hamilton County BOE Mean for Those Without Cars?: short answer: spending the rest of your life on a bus, waiting to vote.

Cincinnati, Ohio: National Geographic takes in the local sights and flavors.

Why I Miss the Suburbs: “Consider the smell of freshly cut grass. The echo of Golden Retrievers barking. A pleasant afternoon chat with your neighbor. Or, alternately, the ever-present smell of garbage, the blaring of sirens, and the aggravation that seems to come with even the smallest of errands.”

NYC Grid: Before and After: side-by-side comparisons of NYC streets and scenes then and now.

Is Modern Architecture Vandalism?: “Mixing old and new buildings is a difficult art. Get it right and it is thrilling; get it wrong and history will condemn you.”

Here Is a Map of Every State’s Favorite Band: click bait, but funny.

2 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. I do miss washing my car in the drive but I think that is the only thing I miss about living outside the city. On the other hand, when I’m smoking a cigar on a Saturday afternoon seeing people complain about yard work on twitter and FB I just laugh.

  2. Yeah, I can’t relate to that article at all. I mean, I don’t want to live in urban squalor or anything, but I always just wanted an apartment with a fire escape, not a house with a lawn. Who needs more chores?

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