The Hub for the Homeless: crowd-funding campaign for an Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati-based initiative focused on providing “affordable, sustainable transportation, bicycles, and raising awareness for various causes via screen printed and social media.”

The History and Names of 1313 Vine Street: deets on OTR’s Cosmopolitan Hall, also once the Bellonby furniture store.

David Grohl Alley, World’s Largest Drumsticks: David Ghorl [Nirvana, Foo Fighters] has an alley named in his honor in the town of Warren, OH.

Gentrification in Progress: some really smart street art found in NYC.

2014’s Most Affordable Cities for Living on a Budget, According to Apartment Guide: just that.

agrowculture: growing hyper-local food networks.

City Welcome Signs: over 2,200 photos!

3 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Grohl Alley sounds kinda cool & I’m glad the dude supports it – but – I think it’s a good policy, like in Cincinnati, to wait til the person’s dead to memorialize him. Cincinnati pushed though Pete Rose Way before the allegations of coke dealing, etc. surfaced.
    The world’s largest drumsticks. LOL
    A friend of mine proposed the world’s largest velcro strip. He wanted to sell tickets so people could watch a tank peel apart a football sized velcro strip & then lay the two parts back together again.
    He envisioned people oohing & aahing & cheering. I dunno, he might have been right.

  2. Quimbob, that’s also the policy of the US Postal Service when creating commemorative stamps, and it makes sense. Somehow an alley doesn’t quite have the gravitas of an actual street, but I still agree with you.

    Similarly, I was surprised when ArtWorks chose to create the Jim Tarbell mural in Over-the-Rhine. Sure, the man has done a lot for the neighborhood and the city as a whole, but he’s still politically active and also, who knows, capable of doing something really negative.

    I love the velcro strip idea!!!

    Carney, you’re very welcome. It sounds like a great idea, and I love anything new in the neighborhood that isn’t an upscale boutique or high-concept gastropub.

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